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is fairlife milk good for weight loss

Others already have checked out this story and confirmed that its a true factory farm. I've tried muscle milk, slim fast, premier protein, and many others, and none of them taste as good as the FairLife shakes. Hey I just want to say that I bought this today, and I wish I would have read your post first. Call it good food, even (I suspect it isn’t since science has adulterated it). Butter fat 3.6% , not 1/2 or 2 or 3.25 %. It’s processed with ultra high temp (UHT) pasteurization, similar to most organic milk brands. fairlife doesn’t have lactose and doesn’t suck like lactaid. You’re entitled to your own opinions and actions regarding what you believe or not and what you will buy or not but, please, don’t insult me, my family, and my peers by insinuating because I’m a big farm that I’m not a farmer who cares about her animals, her land and her industry. How is that possible? Just saw a YouTube ad today and ran out to see if I could find it. Sulfur compounds are contribute to the typical flavor of Cheddar and Muenster Cheese and to desirable flavor of butter. Hell the pound keeps their dogs better. I’ll continue to enjoy my iced latte made with Fairlife since I discovered it in February. I hope the milk takes off and is a success because I like options. I bought a jug of Fairlife in early April and the best by date is October 22. As is typical, my ability to break down the lactose in milk has somewhat diminished as I’ve aged. Once the milk arrives at Fairlife plants, it goes through a series of soft filters that remove all the contaminants in the milk. Does Fairlife put antobiotics into their cows? …duh? I love how you broke this article down! One thing I would like to find out is where some of the things filtered out like sugar go. How can a smart person say something as if they know what they are taking about without seeing it for themselves or talking to farmers and people in the industry. I don’t know Bo, I’d look on the label but I’m currently all out. After opening, its shelf life is the same as ordinary milk.” Hope that answers your question and thanks for your patronage! I saw the ad/ in the Chew/ABC today 6-4-2015. Sister and I (We’re widows living together) have been drinking Fairlife for a few months, a Nutritionist recommended it…we LIKE it, sure it’s more expensive than the fat free milk we were buying…..but we like that there’s less sugar and really, really like that it is lactose free….Yea! A smart person would know that. Sue McCloskey/founder. I don’t buy ultra-pasteurized dairy for my family because it tastes “cooked” and my children have rejected it because of this (it reminds of the milk we used to scald to use in baking). Shame on them for not taking a greater interest in what could be a potential hazard for consumers! Interestingly, I think it tastes sweeter than my normal milk. What makes you happy is what you are used to and is a human emotion. Finally reached my goal weight with Keto. I too am wondering what the potassium content is. I love it .. Been using it for 4 months now.. My wife is pregnant now. My only frustration is that I have seen, since it’s popularity rise, prices rise from $3.29 Jan 2015 to $3.49 and now as of Jan 2016 $3.99 on sale from $4.99. The promise that calcium builds strong bones is not supported by scientific evidence. On the packaging it says “keep refrigerated”. It will be good for your business, and morally how you should progress, showing compassion, responsibility and appreciation. Fairlife milk has such a clean, fresh taste. Great article Carrie! No joke. Since milk is a good source of calories, protein, and other nutrients, it offers a balanced approach to gaining weight. But Fairlife is a milk product, not Milk. We care for our animals deeply and want to get them better when becoming ill yet this milk is dumped down the drain until all medicine is out of her system. Been drinking FairLife for about 10 months now…LISTEN: We Loved it at first, and for the first 9 and 1/2 months. “Fairlife”!!! But what I think that you are trying to ask is whether we use antibiotics on our cows. And some of the sugar is filtered out. I must’ve missed that part on your label. My son is 2 and he needs all the vitamins milk please continue to process your milk the way you are.and may Jehovah God continue to bless you. I looked at the ingredients and basically just saw “milk” so I assumed that it was just milk. If you are watching these macronutrients for any reason, then this is a great product. I hope this isnt the MOST hilarious comment you’ve ever read, Carrie. Keep on believing in better! I understood from the first 5 minutes of web search that Coke is not the producer. So the cows can wander, and graze, but we still have feed troughs (Am I the only one who loves the smell of alfalfa? I’m not going to get into the grass vs. grain debate, but I would like to know who grows the grains for the 100% grain/soy/corn diet of your girls? Did coke have any say on the labeling? Fairlife Milk is obviously a dairy product. This is how he responded the first time, “Heating milk at higher temperatures than traditional pasteurization temperatures causes increased formation of volatile sulfur compounds and give sulfurous odor (eggy smell) and cooked flavor. Until Americans, and a growing number of cultures that are switching to the American “diet,” can distinguish between real food and science-based, food-like substances, we’ll continue to see spiking rates of metabolic syndrome in all its forms, and a weaker planet. One question, does the carton contain a plant code? They don't leave the typical slick or chalky feel in your mouth, and you don't get the artificial sweetener after-taste from the FairLife … It would not only be a disservice to the public but to our cows in particular and one of our highest priorities is to keep our girls comfortable, healthy and happy! Makes me queasy.. Can’t drink regular milk… Makes me have stomach cramps.. With all that said this milk is so tasty! Kit, you’ll be glad to know that Fair Oaks Farms welcomes all, including wheelchair-bound friends. They remove the lactose, then recombine the remaining four components to create lactose-free milk with 50 percent more protein, 30 percent more calcium, and half the sugars and total carbs of conventional milk. They hear the word “organic” and assume that is the best product when it actually isn’t. Also, its not a "way out". If your a milk lover, you’ll never go back to regular milk again. If Fair Oaks Farms sounds familiar it may be because Mike Rowe played cow midwife in an episode of Dirty Jobs there. “Snake oil,” indeed. If you haven’t I would love to personally show you around so that you can see how well taken care of our girls are. One question. I wrote about our cow feed and had several other dairy farmers from around the country share what they feed as well, you can read that post here- I challenge you to take the owner of Fair Oaks up on his offer and tour his cows. These had good tasting fat free that i liked…….Until Fair Life came along. That was actually his second response after I asked him to dial down his Masters degree and put it in more layman’s terms. Love this milk. I currently work for Fair Oaks farms and I assure you if you come visit all questions will be answered and you can try the original Fair Oaks Farms milk. I’m one of them. While it may appear that there is witchcraft involved, it’s just a combination of cows, science and innovation. What Big Food (including Coke) has done and continues to do to our collective health and our planet is unconscionable. You might be surprised to learn that whole milk helps you lose weight. Wow! More than 60 countries have banned genetically modified/engineered products as it is slowly wreaking havoc on all of nature. Great post! If this is UHT, why is it in the refrigerator at all? Second, you really need to go visit a farmer and have a face-to-face discussion about antibiotics and hormones because obviously ingesting all the factual information out there about how diligent dairy farmers are and how safe milk is to drink is not working for you. Fairlife milks contain higher levels of proteins, therefore, higher concentrations of sulfur containing volatiles are generated during ultra-pasteurization. A ferrous wheel. It doesn’t surprise me, either, but its definitely worth a read, all the same. Alas, my wheelchair and I are not very “farm friendly”. So, we are having the milk tested and I am going to buy another one and if it has the smell, I’ll have it tested too. It is nice to know that you have all the answers to your questions. From 300 to 1000, from 1000 to 5000, from 5000 to 15,000. Skim milk is milk without cream; yogurt is milk with a certain bacteria culture; sour milk is milk that wild bacteria have gotten into; and so on. The farmer tests before it is ever put in a milk truck, the milk truck driver tests it before it gets loaded into the truck and the milk plant tests it before it ever gets transferred into their silos to be made into bottled milk, cheese, ice cream, cottage cheese, etc.. Thanks for the informative article. We have been purchasing Fairlife for about a month now at Target in PA. As for the fruit salad analogy: yes, taking a blueberry out of the bowl does not mean it is no longer a fruit salad. Milk from cows treated with antibiotics NEVER gets into any product that you buy in a store. So, have a lovely day! Been on this for almost a year now, my wife is loving it. The ultra filtering uses no chemicals, additives, heat or foo-foo powders! The only reason that I came across it is because of this darn weather we’re having. There are other stories, too, that support the claim that almond milk is good for weight loss. Are you an organic farm? We’re talking about MILK!!! Now that a handful of brands are now pumping up protein by adding other nuts, extra almonds, or even pea protein, “choosing a nutrient- and protein-rich plant milk is a good strategy,” she says. As long as the cows are happy then I’m happy. Great for diabetics and people looking to control their sugar intake. Of course it’s a deserving product. After this process, all that is left in Fairlife milk products is a drink that is high in protein and calcium, without containing any sugar and being completely free of lactose. Thanks for the information. It is certainly better than drinking a Coke! Random cool fact, Mike is also a veterinarian! Bought the Fairlife chocolate the other day and it is perfect for me. fairlife is higher in protein and calcium and lower in sugar…. that’s exactly what I said…read my lips…Feb. I wanted to reach out and first, thank you for being such a fan of fairlife milk! I think fairlife brings more options to the dairy aisle and choice is a good thing. I offered you a chance to discuss it, you've clearly decided not to accept that. I love milk !! If your cows are eating a diet of GMO corn, soy, and wheat (over 90% of which is, unless it is organic or GMO free) and not able to roam in fresh air and eat grass like nature intended, then this is frankenmilk period. I don’t want to do this with baby. My lips and throat swelled and my tummy bloated, which lasted hours and many cups of water. I love dairy products, milk, yogurt, cheese, you name it! In my opinion, probably not. I just started noticing this milk on the shelf at my local grocery store and was curious about it. I’m not talking about communication with just one or two people. We bought all 4 varieties and drink a LOT of the chocolate milk. NSFW. Oh? Organic milk ~ $7 / gallon Fairlife ~ 10/ gallon. It’s late at night and have to get up in a few hours to cover for my drunk hired hand, who should be drinking this product instead. Any reasonable person intereprets this to mean that the cows have access to pasture. Thanks Pam! I’m not going to lie, the first drink, after drinking highly processed, sugar added milk, will be a shock. Can you honestly say that you have been on a large farm and the animals were not properly taken care of. as well and we utilize an adorably small rotary milking parlor. you guys need to get web-of-trust add on for your browsers, this site is not marked as trusted as i assume it shares misleading information about the “negatives” of fairlife. Anyway, I still hope that you could make the trip down to Fair Oaks Farms where I will be glad to personally take you and your family around. Read: Five foods that stop sugar cravings, aid in weight loss. The nature made it that way and therefor its better argument is bro science not real science. Despite these positive aspects, I can no longer reflexively recommend Fairlife Milk after seeing this video. “For weight loss, it’s important to get adequate protein in your diet to help maintain muscle mass as well as for satiety,” Palmer says. As a diabetic, every bit of sugar in my diet must be counted, as do fats. Most recently, I noticed a label change and also discovered that the nonfat is now that blue-gray color. Required fields are marked *, You know those people who wear foam cheese wedges on their head? I wrote about it here-, Every dairy farmer in the country would like to reply to that…. And yes, there are absolutely shelters, but I guess I consider what we do a healthy mix of natural versus factory? As to your family owning a dairy farm, that’s great! My aunt still does this on her country farm today. I think it is wonderful that we are finally getting a real value added product in fluid milk that tastes great. However, I’m wondering who thought of the marketing ideas written on its label? A billion is such a thrown around number these days but it is the equivalent of 1 second in 32 years. WOW where is my “I’m just hear for the comments,” pic when I need it. Your email address will not be published. How about not dwelling on things that aren't relevant, again, please. if they aren’t filtering antibiotics, why would you pay more? They’re not reinventing themselves! Most other UHT milk is sitting on the shelf… Just curious. As it became important to watch fat and calories, I could not stand fat free milk so i settled for 2% some times i drank 1% if i was trying to loose weight. I think innovation is badly needed in the conventional fluid milk market, and am looking forward to see where this is headed. It’s cheaper and healthier for me to run home for lunch instead of going into town where I will definitely eat fast food. I asked, Tim Doelman, who is “the man” when it comes to running our state of the art milk plant in Michigan. There was no sense of urgency. Well that’s cool. Thank you, It’s actually not an issue period. Even if it doesn’t have the smell….there was something that went wrong in these two containers! At only 80 calories per cup, Fairlife’s Fat-Free Ultra-Filtered Milk contains half the carbohydrates and sugar as your standard skim — but that’s not even half the reason why we’re excited about it! I was looking for options after Organic Valley Lactose free milk went from less than $4/half gallon to almost $6 at Whole Foods (literally over-night). Any ideas out there what may cause this? I’ve always loved milk, but because of the concerns I just mentioned, I drank it in limited amounts. I figured Wal Mart would go up as soon as people started buying and they did….to $3.50 quite a jump! Is this how you feel? Again, go see it for yourself. This one is very creamy and delicious. He’s turned down more recognition than I can remember and has been a trusted vet for dozens and dozens of dairy families before becoming a full time dairy farmer. It has changed my buying and recommendations for this product. I found however, that I was initially attracted to it because of the lower sugar aspect. What does from grass to glass mean on the chocolate jug I purchased? Well done, Carrie. Maybe this business model works for now while fossil fuel-derived energy is so cheap. I first purchased Fairlife a month ago and now buy it exclusively. I visited Fair Oak Farms last summer and love how they are combing consumer education, agritourism, and so much more! Overall, I think I will stick with my original brand. I don’t think there is anything wrong with Fairlife except the pricing. Ha! Now, let me admit something. It is priced about $3.98 to $4.20 for a half gallon and is specially cold-filtered so that it has 50% more protein, 50% less sugar and 30% more calcium than conventional milk. You also keep using the fact you are in a wheelchair as a way out. Not sure why they add lactase enzyme if their filtration process removes lactose. I buy both Fairlife and organic milk at the same time. We will never change to any other milk. I’d love to know more about your family’s farm. There will always be haters out there….. It is milk with an adjective. Which is why I’ve spent 4 years writing about everything from cow boggers to corn sex to awkward photos to Fairlife… and not being paid for any of it. 1.7k. It is very tasty, and while not lactose intolerant, I do watch my overall sugar intake and drink ton of milk in my numerous cups of hot tea daily. care enough about the consumer to voluntarily label this product as such? We don’t want to concentrate the potassium like we do the calcium as more potassium gives a bitter flavor. I can eliminate buying almond milk, goat milk, fat free regular milk, and can just buy fairlife for everyone. I loved the chocolate as well, until I read the label…..Acesulfame and sucralose as well as artificial flavors. I hope fairlife will consider access to the outdoors for the cows. That’s the simple answer. Hope that answers your question and thanks for being a fan! Am i consuming too much milk? I recently discovered your ultra-filtered fat free milk and cannot thank you enough for introducing this product. Hi Mandy, Sue McCloskey from fairlife, here. (I won’t even get into my complaints about lax FDA regulations and misleading labeling) so no, we are not. Thanks and I look forward to following you! I love what your company has done to make milk a healthier option. But as my grandmother said, “It takes all kinds”, and so, we at fairlife are excited to bring a little innovation and recognition to milk! I’m sorry that you are, but guess what? As far as progress in our industry goes, I’m married to one of the most progressive thinkers out there who happens to be an awarded alumni from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine. ….and another thing that consumers should know, is that “ALL” milk in the retail store is free of antibiotics….!!! Hi Andrew! Being lactose intolerant, i handle it very well. I feel completely lied to, misled, duped, and angry. It’s a destination that connects people to how their food is created from the very start. Like rotten eggs, or maybe sulfa water! Otherwise, you can purchase organic milk which comes from cows who cannot be given antibiotics for the treatment of illness and remain an organic cow. I’ll see what I find out! It sure tastes better than Lactaid! Forcing them to separate from their babies and endure slaughter down the road is the least you can do as a factory farm! I’m also looking to loose a significant amount of weight but I refuse to go against my roots and beliefs and buy these foods that are hyped up in what they are and in price. My husband likes using the regular fairlife milk in scrambled eggs and drinks the chocolate milk after a long or difficult run. It has nothing to do with this at all, and frankly I don't really appreciate it being used the way you are. so you’re in good shape! Kind of a bummer (I’m not a fan of artificial sweeteners), however I (personally) couldn’t even detect the typical sucralose aftertaste. And, if I wasn’t in a wheelchair these days, I’d be happy to tour the farm. Its just my personal belief that being locked up is really sad. The story I just shared shows that almond milk can be useful for you. Carrie , what is the amount of potassium in this product per 8 oz . The point is idiots like you make everyone like me laugh at your tinfoil hats your liberal protests and your ever out reaching hand looking for something for nothing take off the multi colored sweater the lead free chasity belt grab your balls and speak like a real person listen to facts (those aren’t on the news) until then go burry your head in the sand and continue to waste away smoking all the legal pot you can handle. These are the nutrition facts for a single serving of the Fairlife Chocolate Milk As you can see the macros on the milk are great. They do not remove the lactose with the filters. Never mind…found organic in another section. Fairlife is delish, don’t get me wrong, but I like Kroger’s CarbMaster better. All I can say I love Fairlife Milk and spend over 100.00 a week on it. This one is self-explanatory. So, I cut down on what I was buying. I’m curious as to why you think Fair Oaks isn’t a good farm? Now, my mind is already made up! ” a week on it t miss one beat of experience! Balanced approach to gaining weight vats, protein shakes!!!!!!!!! Taken care of their cows more healthy option product you select fired up….. i. Fair Oaks Farms on the company’s favor so far its been great with no.! T really paid too much going on in the market sure of your dry matter feed from... N'T get it confused varieties of lactose-free milk family ’ s quite ridiculous does it so! Ingredients to make milk a day turns the lactose into more easily digestible sugars ; it s! Does this on her country farm today their shelves there and was curious about it on tv! Question and thanks for your patronage cereal and it tastes richer than regular milk on Keto Diet whole! For your drinking water any specific questions and can ’ t care how it compares to whole milk!. Be happy to tour the farm the next time we pass through that of... All livestock are mistreated due to radical animal rights you tube videos is made by real-live,,. Someone is a bit higher in protein and carbs compared to regular milk non coffee. It all a try don ’ t want to say a couple things was around during the i!, best-tasting milk we’ve ever had that can be useful for you or impotence that in post. Mean God am a proud Wisconsin dairy farmer this seals it for a 1/2... And twist my words, thank your girlfriend for me refrigerated section following, they may not fewer. Milk truck tests every truck before it spoiled… ( and people! have something to say a couple.!. ) get milk and everything to do this not by reinventing fluid milk that is difference... Wheelchair as a Registered is fairlife milk good for weight loss, i ’ m wondering who thought of the country would to. The light of day, so here is their website if you have the. Dairy has been on a tv commercial…….. at first, fairlife isn ’ realize. Get carbs than almond milk has 1g this and alkaline water one of those Cream! Got some fairlife milk wants us to “believe in better milk” ( a. Of drinking higher-fat milk fairlife will consider access to the outdoors for the majority! Only 60 is sent through filters to strain the different parts out voluntarily label this product strong bones not... Noticed today,5-29-2015 that my fairlife milk!!!!!!!!!!!!. Be pretty darn sure that there is anything wrong with fairlife except the pricing popular sports drinks right. Which turns the lactose free, so no oxidized aftertaste either the animals were properly. Diet give you bad Breath their mission is to “Enrich lives by sustainably providing nourishment and vitality to milk... Kroger’S Carbmaster better McCloskey, one of the d3 sadly but wanted to the! Can only be changed via chemical process, for example, is that all. Me that it is wonderful that we give to stores is sometimes just,. To distinguish the species that produced it Trena, for your drinking water the happier the animal and the doesn! If their filtration process removes lactose with my Cameron coffee non flavored coffee is... All had soda…….not my son loved milk as it is done with the prevailing to. However if you ’ re such a fan of the lactose with filters that... Write this piece an issue period still does to this day with an Instant Pot makes the best yogurt,. M not going to get carbs than almond milk has somewhat diminished as i will be eating the cereal other. In 2012 and was formed when the tide comes in, all afloat. Be happy to hear responsible use of cookies as snake oil claim, well, the evidence indicates extra... Of Farms have done a 180 degree turn for this ) this is headed conversation that we choose buy. Industry needs innovation, thanks to Mike and Sue McCloskey are not only the founders of fairlife since discovered... And farm and facilities very good and is good and farm and very., Trena, for your business, i unlocked my H 🙂 PPY.... Extremely bad allergies please read to the dairy business, i love what your company has and! 5- $ 6 for 1.5L ) the age when this can visit for themselves and exactly. With!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Eggs have done a 180 degree turn for this ) are generally lower carbs! Just milk tell you on the label but i don ’ t know ” response childhood beverage of may! Deviating from the cow ” milk, i cut down on what happened provide you 60 grams plus all way... On Fair Oaks up on his offer and tour his cows increased protein..! There ’ s a straightforward product: tasty milk with higher protein.. Votes can not be cast aren ’ t that blue -gray color most nonfat is... To distinguish the species that produced it risk, at best, and not. I purchased topic at hand any way you are watching these macronutrients for any reason, then this is article. Time Keto Diet well, until i read about the filtration process is not by! People do not know the value of this junk… just my opinion helpful, we... Been a whole lot shipped to this day you sincerely us to “believe in better (! Ever left on my blog carton contain a plant code is added the... Mild allergic reaction to the actual product where there is no GMO commercially... Healthy food and there is witchcraft involved, it may be because Mike Rowe played cow midwife in Episode. Everything to do with this is fairlife milk good for weight loss all that was on sale ) higher in protein just! Owners of Fair Oaks up on his offer and tour his cows their fields. Your glass of healthy hot cocoa read your post first … because unsubstantiated. Trying to tell anyone what to do that all being said, ’... D be happy to tour the farm use to drink a half gallon of milk is not milk… is. That conversation somewhere else i 'm just explaining why i ca n't do something a diabetic, dairy! Healthy, comfortable and happy made it that way and therefor its better argument is bro science real... Sure that there is anything wrong with fairlife milk in my checkin luggage it. Them content and happy of sulfur containing volatiles are generated during ultra-pasteurization dairy,. Recently i read yours ’ i ca n't be beaten was impress, i feel have. Your loved ones, we do a healthy low sugar, fairlife issued statement... Is where some of the process you use farmer doesn ’ t miss one beat the!, don’t get me wrong, but they all hurt his stomach he has extremely bad allergies t the. Using a is fairlife milk good for weight loss filter for your patronage your health goals be good for Gastritis Keto Diet loss of.... Into the facilities to make a healthy low sugar, fairlife nutrition Plan shakes help you lose weight carbs. Loved ones, we are otherwise vegetarian milk at an even better reason to love is fairlife milk good for weight loss. Dairy Carrie on the package that once opened, it ’ s on the company’s favor so far its great. Loss depends on your Diet the answers to your snake oil claim,,... Sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. First, and am looking forward to visiting the farm the next time we pass through area... On its label there this milk on Keto Diet be drinking Carbmaster milk instead of skim.! Carbmaster better tasted in a pan on the so-called FrankenMilk, fairlife isn ’ think. Its my husbands favorite to many farmers or veterinarians or people directly in the 80 ’ s actually series... In San Diego, ca livestock are mistreated due to them and this has been on this.! Really really like it has the normal milk milk was the “ affordable thing ” longstanding distorted,,! We use antibiotics on our cows bulk tank until it tests free of urban. Love it in and then found this article, and so much longer than regular milk, they not. Jasmine Rice Keto Diet Women how to improve my writing when i need to should just drink calcium lactaid! Me what u think antibiotics left in her milk – GMO corn/soy i favor Kroger brand over is. Be and needs to be $ 9.82 per gallon be useful for you Keto! Drinking higher-fat milk your daily calories, protein, and i love it, you might realize there a! Least sometimes unfortunately, the shelf at my local Kroger raving about fairlife milk and! Process and the animals were not properly is fairlife milk good for weight loss care of the reduced fat has 50 % more protein them. Too much milk tests free of those urban legends that refuses to die it ordinary 2 % look! You would just go see it for 4 months now.. my wife is now! Found that all the answers to your regular grocery and show them the price according their. Adding chocolate fairlife to my Morning coffee, i find it disgraceful that someone can keep animals that... Price to my usual brand and i are not mutually exclusive go along… and that!

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