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can i add strawberry puree to cake mix

Mash them or puree in a blender. Will that be ok or should I double the recipe to ensure the layers aren’t too thin? Thanks for the incredible recipe! Let us know if you have other questions. Your email address will not be published. I’m really excited to try this recipe but I’m wondering what you mean by prepare the pans? It will become softer, just see how it goes. Add the fruit puree when and where the cake mix directions call for you to add liquid oil. The cake will be perfect just as the recipe is written. We almost always freeze our cake layers while they are still very warm even if it is only for a few hours. Replace the water called for on the package with dairy. or until tooth pick comes out clean. Have replayed it a gazillion times and nothing I would change. Do this with just about any fruit you like save for citrus or peaches which will curdle the baking cake. We especially love strawberry cakes in spring and summer months, although I would never turn down a slice in the middle of winter ;0) It’s safe to say that strawberry cake is always a good idea, is sure to please any crowd! Hi Breona, The ingredient is Jell-O brand jello. There’s no need to add any sweetener to the puree when strawberries are sweet. Learn Cake Decorating Online with My Cake School!- Membership Information, Chocolate Sour Cream Cake (Doctored Cake Mix), Pound Cake Recipe- A Classic Southern Favorite, click here to Subscribe without commenting, 1 box white cake mix (without pudding in the mix), Preheat oven to 350 degrees and prepare three 8 inch pans. . Hi Cynthia, I did not measure the cups of batter for this recipe, but it is probably 6 cups, maybe a bit more. Freezing the layers while they are still warm adds a noticeable boost in moisture. Some box mixes will state on the front of the box ….pudding in the mix. If so, I would use ganache under the fondant to create a firm shell for the fondant. Or will that affect the consistency of the buttercream too much? So does it mean it’s ok to ignore the instructions on the cake mix and use your recipe. I have this cake in the oven and I accidentally used sugar free jello. No these will be covered in chocolate buttercream. I suggest using a measuring cup for filling your cake pans so you will know how much batter you are using. If you recommend doubling, how much should I increase cooking time to make sure they’re cooked through? Just made these in cupcake form for my daughters birthday to hand out to the neighborhood kids since she can’t have a party. I’m doing a 3 tier, with strawberry in the middle tier. Layers are wrapped individually in plastic wrap then in aluminum foil. "The Everything Cake Mix Cookbook"; Sarah K. Sawyer; 2009, "The Complete Idiot's Guide to the Anti-Inflammation Diet"; Christopher P. Cannon, M.D., and Elizabeth Vierck; 2006, "The Best-Kept Secrets of Healthy Cooking"; Sandra Woodruff; 2000. If it is too thick add a tiny bit more of the puree. It was a big hit and now it’s my daughters favorite cake. I’ve even popped freshly baked, wrapped layers in the freezer for just a few hours when I’m in a time crunch! Do I use the pipeable cream cheese icing recipe for this cake? I hope you will enjoy the cake. Too much liquid can cause shrinkage, opening the oven door too often, using non-stick spray on the cupcake liners. Instead of milk could I substitute it with buttermilk? The resulting cake was extremely moist and cut cleanly, both with a fork and a knife. You will most likely have strawberry puree left over. Hope you will enjoy the recipe. Pour the cake mixture into a pan and place in the oven. I made this today using cupcake liners. Hi Jasmine, Yes, you can puree the strawberries. Thank you! I’m so glad that you were happy with the recipe. Well, I happen to love both scratch recipes and doctored cake mix recipes. Just for your reference, we used three 8 inch round pans. Strawberry Cheesecake-Cake Just a Pinch. Hi there can I use this recipe for one 9×13 pan? In addition to this doctored cake mix Strawberry Cake Recipe, we also have a scratch Strawberry Cake Recipe that we know you’ll love! Measure out 1 cup of the... Use a microwave to melt the strawberry jam until it is liquid. Replace fat and add flavor to your cakes by substituting fruit puree for the oil. Monkey Business Images/Monkey Business/Getty Images. Then, it’s just a matter of dividing the batter between the pans and baking! Hi Amanda, The Classic Cream Cheese or Pipeable Cream Cheese would be good with this recipe. It is easier to control the drip if you chill the frosted cake for a short while before. We’ve been doing this for 15 years now! Hi dbrown, Both recipes will work well for cupcakes, but this doctored recipe is easier and quicker. Maybe reduce the powdered sugar to 3 cups instead of 6? Hope all goes well. The flavor may have been improved. Instructions Preheat the oven to 325 degrees. Add the strawberry puree to a saucepan or skillet. Strawberry Cakes are great with Strawberry Filling because the filling enhances the strawberry flavor of the cake. Thanks so much for your feedback! If using a dark colored pan, reduce the baking temperature by 25 degrees to 325. Cream together the butter and shortening with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. We find it makes the cake layers more moist. Follow the directions in our recipe Not directions on the Jell-O box. I’m happy you like the cupcakes and thank you for posting how you used the recipe. Instructions Wash and hull the strawberries. Add in 1/2 cup of milk, strawberry puree, then melted butter. Even those non cake eaters couldn’t stop eating it. If you scroll up, just above the picture of the slice of cake, Melissa suggest several frosting recipes. For instance mine says 250ml of milk and 150ml oil , so do I ignore that and stick to your above recipe? What happened? Lemon Sour Cream Cake So flavorful! If the cake tastes amazing, just bring me a fork, I’m not complaining! Well, this is a trick question, because there are so many options! Hi Cyndi, I haven’t tried it with buttermilk but I find it moist as written. 1 box strawberry cake mix or white if you can't find strawberry

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