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charter flights to italy from usa

Cons: "Boarding was orderly but it was hard to hear the announcements of the zones. Cons: "Food...Does not encourage healthy eating...but I this is nothing our the ordinary for flights", Pros: "Moderately comfortably. Cons: "Lack of good movies", Cons: "Entertainment center was not working properly. The onbaord entertainment system had a large selection and I was never without something worth watching." For instance, if you are taking your private charter flight for pleasure, you may find the Centro Storico worth visiting. ", Pros: "The attendants took great care of us. ", Pros: "That I arrived safely; )" Cons: "Move the drapes a few more inches back. Inconvenient for a long flight. Cons: "Everything incl customer service at the airport", Pros: "Fast boarding and nice staff. Leonardo da Vinci-Fiumicino Airport (FLE), otherwise known as Fiumicino Airport and Ciampino Airport (CIA), are the two international ports in the city of Rome that receive flights from the US to Italy. Even my German friend said how bad that airport is for directions! The island of Elba lies off the western coast of Italy and is within reach from Florence Peretola Airport (FLR) in Tuscany, but if you intend to travel further south to the islands of Corsica and Sardinia, then you can fly from the US to either Rome Airport or Naples Airport and get local flights from there. Cons: "The flight was delayed due to aircraft issues making us 2 hours late for vacation. ", Pros: "The crew was great, the food wasn't bad and the seat was comfortable and I am very tall", Pros: "I enjoyed my flight. The flight was over a hour late so we missed our connection. The next most popular destinations are Milan (21%) and Venice (13%).Searches for flights to Naples (5%), to Florence (5%) and to Bologna (5%) are also popular. Search Italy flights on KAYAK. ", Pros: "The service and space on the airplane were excellent." Economy appears to have lost staff as it takes the entire flight to get a drink and dinner, the feeling you get is that you should just get on board and then sit quietly for 7 hours and not ask for anything. I had teriyaki chicken with rice and I left it. ", Cons: "My connecting flight to Rome wasn't listed on any monitors, and four people couldn't find Terminal A on the map. Cons: "Good for entertainment but the headphone insert in my particular seat would only play through one ear. You can view route information for airlines that fly to Pisa, compare the prices of both low cost and traditional airlines which fly to Pisa and book your flights … Flight attendants have to ask passengers to put the seats back from reclining during meal service so people can open the food tray and are able to access it, that is how much the seats tilt. For international flight, especially long ones the seats should be able to go back further and not feel like a board, the seats were uncomfortable and small. We can help you charter a Private Jet Flight to Rome, Italy on luxury corporate aircraft. Q2 2011 - Charter Flight has finally reached over 17000 flight routes. Every week, at least 23 domestic flights and 110 international flights depart from Peretola Airport. Cons: "The seats were a little tight. Quick service and they let you sleep. ", Cons: "The seat was very uncomfortable in delta comfort zone. Entertainment was really bad. There are many hotels lo… Cons: "1) Assigned seat but was allowed to change seat 24 hours before online check in but at baggage drop off at airport, I was shocked that Swiss Air did not abide to our selected seats changed and gave us the initial seat assigned. Entertainment also was on an older screen which was navigated by using an old in-seat phone. They kept taking people from every other line in front of us. The first is Fiumicino International Airport to the Southwest of Rome. Italy is stunning in the Mediterranean sun with a sparkling wine, while the glorious Alps make sure winters are just as much fun! Comfortable seats and lighting for an overnight flight. Had to be rebooted twice. The crew was the only nice part. Delta, Alitalia and Czech Airlines have waived their change and cancellation fees on flights to Italy. Unable to sleep as we could not get comfortable. Even pushed to back in seat, my knees pushed seat in front of me. The thought of having to do so turns my stomach. Confined space on airbus. Whether it's her personal opinion or KLM's policy, it's unreasonable to think that a 3 years old child could or should hold her pipi over 20 minutes, while they slowly and inefficiently trying to give out food. ", Pros: "The crew was attentive, pleasant, and hardworking." ", Cons: "The gate for the connecting flight from NY to Rome wasn't posted at the terminal or available via the Delta aps. Browse the list of cities we fly to from Seattle and select your destination city to see our flight schedules and destination guides. ", Cons: "My video monitor didn't work so I couldn't watch movies, asked the crew twice to help and they never did. Cons: "Lack of space", Cons: "The boarding gate was changed three times. She just took it out of my hand. ", Pros: "Delta Comfort+" Of course, if you are traveling to Rome from anywhere outside the EU, you are likely going to want a private jet with some range as well as comfort and for this reason, we provide only the finest mid-size jets, heavy jets, and even jumbo airliner jets on the market. Seat space was bad as well - very little leg room. ", Pros: "The basics were fine." Cons: "Seat pitch could've been more. Cons: "Both bathroom were not working in business class area. Entertainment system was down. It was a full flight and we even lost my daughter's cardigan. Fortunately I found some fellow Americans who also couldn't find Terminal A , lower numbered gates, from our current Z gate. Cons: "Plane was late to depart, missed connection in Frankfurt", Pros: "The crew was really nice and helpful" With a maximum range of 6425 miles, this large jet can get you to Rome non-stop and amazing luxury. ", Pros: "I travelled on economy delight, flight was fully packed, yet it felt spacious and comfortable. Process was chaotic. Waited for another 3 hours to get rebooked and have to stay at Zurich overnight and only to find our checked luggage is no where to be seen. ", Pros: "Very efficient airline; all goes smoothly" Parking was very far.food", Pros: "My flight was delayed boarding, Entertainment wasn't exciting oppose to other Virgin flights I have taken in previous years. Cons: "Did not have to do with the airline itself, there were many many families with many, many screaming babies the entire flight. ", Cons: "They lost my luggage, and ruined my trip, Customer service doesn't pick up the phone", Pros: "Staff was very friendly, the plane was very clean. Cons: "The inflight entertainment system kept glitching and needed to be reset a few times", Pros: "Very friendly and professional staff. ", Pros: "It was a lot faster than originally predicted." Cons: "9 hour flight and no food(meal) until 1 hour before we land. Cons: "I wasn’t told about my baggage were being delivered through different airlines the other day! The rest, not worth the money. ", Cons: "This was a united flight. Italy has played a significant role in world culture. ", Cons: "They have to uptade the airplanes", Pros: "The flight itself was good! Back to Swiss. ", Cons: "Seatback TV is of the worst quality among airlines. Skyscanner is simple, fast and free to use, so finding your flights to Italy couldn’t be easier. When I said yes. And in my experience, there is a huge difference between the two, so I prefer to know exactly which airline will be servicing me. they upgraded me to business class. This basic info was lacking. Agents at desk in JFK were rude. I literally put blood, sweat and many many tears into this trip. ", Pros: "Not much" ", Pros: "Troy, Karee, and all of the staff on board were amazing! ", Pros: "Nothing" ", Cons: "Checked in online. Boarding was quick and easy. Cons: "Don’t feel like anything should be better to be honest", Pros: "The crew tried to be helpful but were equally frustrated with the ground crew." Great leg room though. They did not apologize. ", Pros: "Food and service was ok" Ciampino is slightly closer to Rome and, while not a major hub, does provide duty-free shopping, snack bars and restaurants. The entertainment does not have a very large selection and if you fly regularly does not seem to update very often. Cons: "The mushroom pasta they served was absolutely terrible. Cons: "The food portions and quality have definitely declined over the years sadly, as carriers cut costs no doubt. Cons: "Something did not go right with our booking so it took some work for the airline to get it figured out for us. Thankfully we had left plenty of time. Crew was polite and on top of their stuff :)", Pros: "The flight was not full so we got to spread out. Looking for cheap flights to Italy? ", Pros: "BEST FLIGHT OF MY LIFE" ", Pros: "Layout of aircraft." One of the best flights I have ever been on. ", Pros: "The crew was amazing and the food was pretty good for airplane food." Cons: "Vegetarian food selection could be better, need more content in movie selection", Pros: "the food was very good and they hd a good list of selections of movies." ", Pros: "The punctuality." ", Pros: "Nothing" ", Pros: "Great Service, comfortable seats, good choice of movies" Welcome to {{displayDomain}} , a US site operated by Expedia, Inc., a Washington corporation. Our flight team are experts in pets on jets, for prices and advice call us 24 hours on 020 7100 6960. In the end, we had to go all the way back, past our original gate to a Customs area where they just stamped our passports and onward to our gates. Sometimes it was too difficult to watch a movie because the screen was too close to my face. Then insisted I check a bag that did not need to be checked. Food tasted fresh and was hot. Miami to Milan. Very efficient boarding. I picked up my food tray and gave it to the attendants very politely. Cons: "It was difficult to leave my seat when passenger a front of me put his seat all the way to the back. No where to put rubbish when eating the meals etc. Delta does It was a free for all with check in and getting into plane" Quality of food. There is also a ferry service from Naples to Palermo if you don’t mind the time (about 12h). With Swiss Air, seems more so as the seats recline quite a bit which is of course good for an 8-9 hours flight. Quality of food was pathetic. Of course, this is but one of the scores of private luxury jets Charter Flight Group has for your use, so if you have another preference, just ask your knowledgeable private flight consultant what other options are available. DO NOT TRUST VIRGIN TO HANDLE LUGGAGE. Clean cabin." ", Pros: "love the lounge and easy check in and boarding, great attendants and smooth trip" Planes were landing and departing from Columbus just our flight got cancelled which made no sense. Bad screen and sound quality was awful. ", Pros: "Comfortable seating, pleasant food and entertainment." ", Pros: "Like the overall KLM experience" We had over two hours delay for mechanical problems with the plane. Then the food was inedible. Fair price." Travelers arriving from this group of countries will be required to fill in a self-declaration form specifying the reason for entering/returning to Italy and are subject to a 14-day self-isolation. I'm black . Norwegian flies nonstop from Boston Logan Airport (BOS). We thought we were flying Virgin Atlantic. Cons: "Airplane felt old, entertainment system is small and outdated. Cons: "would be nice if lounge was open earlier - arrived for 8:30am flight and had to wait around in freezing cold terminal with no coffee for an hour", Cons: "For oversea traveling, food could and should be better. Cons: "The seat was not comfortable compared to my prior leg of the journey. ", Cons: "Once In London, we were told by British Airways that was flying us to Nice that Delta had “lost” our infant electronic ticket - It took 1.5h to get new ticket reissued! Cons: "As usual, the staff at JFK was a little on the surly-side - that's New York so you have to expect it. So I did not bother to bring any assuming they were going to keep their word; I figure I'd make it work and watch a movie without sound. No hay un teléfono a donde hablar, la web está desactualizada y con información equivocada. Private flights to and from Europe with evoJets. Lie right away. Jet Genius Florida Holdings, Inc dba Charter Flight Group is an Air Charter Broker acting as an Indirect Air Carrier to arrange flights on behalf of its clients. I had to pay 97 euros for this change. ", Pros: "So many movies to watch. Drinks = gratis, and crew was exceptionally attentive and went out of their way to make flight as pleasant as possible." No internet. Buyer beware. Cons: "USB port barely accessible. Luggage dropoff at JFK had no line for online check in. I wish airlines would discourage this. Cons: "Flight late missed connection flight for me. This ensures that every flight is smooth, comfortable, and most importantly, arrives safely and on-time. Food wasn't great. Italy is world-renowned for art, fashion, literature, music, vineyards, fresh food, and cuisine. ", Pros: "Frequent drinks, attentive stewards/stewardesses, good gluten free meal, comfortable seats smooth flight First checked bag is free." KAYAK searches hundreds of travel sites to help you find cheap airfare and book the flight that suits you best. Made my flight longer than needed. ", Pros: "Short flight. Would you like to know what we know? The seats were sooo uncomfortable. Not as good of an experience. Cons: "No negatives or anything that caught me off guard. They made an uncomfortable flight acceptable." They don’t nearly give enough beverage and water. Salad was boring iceberg lettuce. At 5 ft, 2 " if I found it difficult, I cannot even imagine how a taller person felt. The food far exceeded typical "airline quality," even for an international flight - and included a fabulous little snack box with locally sourced gourmet and specialty items such as chocolate from Belgium, fine cheeses from France, and crackers from England. Food was good, and the choice of movies, shows, and games helped the time pass. Entertainment screen was subpar. ", Cons: "While I was on line to board, a flight assistant came to me and asked me if I was flying by myself. Older 737 with uncomfortable seats. Now I’m in Geneva and my bags in Zurich...", Pros: "Swiss being swiss, great service and food was quite nice." 2) At airport check in, none of the ground crew able to gave us good explanation or assistance. One of my best transatlantic flights. Bad bad experience from all my flights . The other is Ciampino International which is located about 10km closer into Rome alongside the A90 Loop. My daughter and my KLM approved baggage were taken by the boarding crew while allowing other passengers to go with more than allowed", Pros: "Flight and the crew!" The 45 minute delay due to fog. Some were very friendly and polite. ", Pros: "Nice crew" There are currently 20+ open flights from Florida to Italy … In addition to being the main gateway to the Eternal City, Rome also sits in the middle of Italy, so its two airports can be considered twin launchpads for traveling to points north of the city, like Perugia and Florence, points to the south, like Naples, and Bari in the east. Secondly, what is even worst is that other people could seat in the comfort seats after the doors were closed without paying it!!!! No USB port for charging phone. We know that you will arrive in Rome refreshed and ready to conquer the Colloseum. The seat is supposed to completely recline allowing you to sleep. Llevar el equipaje o resolver un problema sobre valijas es de lo más básico de una aerolínea y no lo hacen. We fly to more than 6,000 airports worldwide. MC Exact Change is available at Venice Airport and there are ATMS at each location if you prefer. It took me 20 minutes to thaw out after arriving. ", Cons: "The delay and the lack of movies. Cons: "I opted for the pasta dinner and it was bland and mushy. Delta entertainment was free and very comprehensive. Ran out of one dinner option. ", Cons: "My Kosher meal never made it on-board. Seats are very small. The most popular route is New York - Rome with an average flight time of 8h 15m. ", Pros: "nice staff." Cons: "these planes are not meant for people above 180 cm. For a personalised price for a private jet to or from any airport in Italy, please contact us or call our 24/7 Flight Team at 020 7100 6960. Dinner not very tasty. ", Cons: "The flight was a bit delayed, but the airline handled it incredibly well. Seriously? ", Cons: "They switched my gate 5 times and lost my baggage. ", Pros: "Very racist !!! Literally four inches of space? Cons: "No tv, though understandably on a short flight. Should arrive in a few days. Cons: "For starters, they sat my 12 year old daughter 6 rows away and both of us in center seats so no one would switch with us. ", Pros: "Great atmosphere, crew was excellent!" I will always discourage anyone from flying Swissair. If you plan to drive yourself, getting into Rome is as easy as taking the E80 directly into the city. The most popular route is New York John F Kennedy Intl to Rome Fiumicino and the cheapest round-trip airline ticket found on this route in the last 72 hours was $369. I have no complaints about that aspect. Had the flight not been delayed for mechanical issues I would have missed it. Won't travel on Alitalia in future", Pros: "The crew was polite but not overly friendly or welcoming." Cons: "Food wasn't good, no entertainment or accessory plug ins, and seats were worn out! ", Pros: "Nothing" Staff was friendly, and checked bags were ready rather quickly." Their luggage had to be found and unloaded. Pentastaraviation.com, an airline charter service located in Waterford, Michigan, states on its FAQ page that they charge anywhere from $1,200 to $8,500 per flight hour , depending on the type of aircraft. Cons: "Change of planes at gate produced some boarding confusion. ", Pros: "Food was excellent, frequent and filling" Cons: "Only pre-security lounge (Air France) that is open till 19:00. In business nearly as long as Rome has been an empire, less a few hundred years or so, Charter Flight Group has been providing the kind of service clients expect in a private jet. Cons: "Not enough leg room, knees hurt difficult to sleep. I asked for a different seat but wasn't moved. Peter Hz", Pros: "efficient boarding ang pre- boarding" What did I upgrade for exactly? Cons: "Flight was delayed and overhead bin space was very small", Pros: "Checkin 1a at Schiphol had long lines, and no seperate counters for just bag drop. Cons: "No entertainment on board in business. An average nonstop flight from the United States to Italy takes 12h 43m, covering a distance of 4984 miles. Italy is to offer Europe's first coronavirus-free corridor with the United States for passengers who have tested negative for COVID-19, scrapping the obligation for new arrivals to quarantine. Cons: "Small leg space", Pros: "Big plane and there is a lower level for toilets that makes it easy for passengers to access and not be close to bathrooms" I think this is very off putting as I have been a Virgin member for years and it is very disappointing." Cons: "The food was too sweet and salty. Cons: "Our flight was delayed on the runway, but that wasn't the airlines fault. Cons: "The overheads were noisey and loud and made it difficult to sleep", Pros: "I love deltas crew. Cons: "Cramped seating. Dissapointment #1 Interactive TV's were horrible and required assistance to work them. Cons: "Way too spicy beef chili. ", Pros: "I really like the spaciousness, the plug ins and general service" Cons: "The crew on the flight was really loud and talked about unprofessional things. Just be more clear in listing on flight info. I doubt I'll fly with Delta again. I was put up in a great hotel with good free food and caught another flight the next morning. Not on person seemed to watch entertainment, because of the program you have to sign up for. ", Cons: "Seats were cramped, very uncomfortable. Good boarding." We were also very impressed by the plane itself. ", Pros: "Service on board is good to very good.

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